The Homeland Protective Services motto is: the customer is #1.  We're here to assist you with any aspect of security needs.


HPS recognizes the serious danger, fear and anxiety, the state of insecurity pose tp economic growth of any nation around the world, particularly The United State of America.

Our mission therefore is to bring to force, operationally balanced security agency, an epitome of high standard and quick service delivery to serve the US market and all around the world. This we hope to carry out with all honesty, sincerity of purpose, dedication and efficiency.

Chief Lekan R. Ogunfowora, President/CEO of HPS, has assembled a distinguished senior management team with an extraordinary depth of experience. This team is capable of planning, managing, and providing a superior level of quality services for your agency. HPS offers our expertise and abilities that provides the best value with training experience based on the requirements set forth by your agency.

Distinguishing features that set Homeland Protective Services, Inc. apart from other companies includes:

Selective Recruitment:     Our applicants undergo thorough background checks of past residences, criminal records; education, military service, and employment to ensure there are no surprises.  We evaluate the writing skills of all applicants to ensure they have the skills to produce clearly written reports. During the interview, we assess the applicant’s public relations skills and emotional maturity to determine if they can work effectively with the public.

Training: With such high performance standards, we realized we had to train our own      officers regardless of previous experience. Every HPS employees and supervisors must complete our basic training course and written exam.   Training encompasses proper conduct, public relations, performance of duties, legal aspects of security, First Aid and CPS, etc

High Morale – HPS employees enjoy an excellent compensation package which includes, good wages, a comprehensive health plan, paid holidays, employee bonus and incentive plans.   Employees enjoy recognition programs for superior performance, opportunities for career advancement and introduction to the local, state and federal law enforcement community.   As a result of our efforts, clients receive alert and enthusiastic officers, consistent staffing and low turnover.
Corporate Support – Everyone has human resources, payroll and accounting staffs, we believes ours are among the very best.  We staff a Command Center at our branch office 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to handle emergencies, responses from the client and to make sure every post is filled.
Management Credentials – Our senior management team is comprised of individuals with extraordinary collective experience in the security services field and local law enforcement.    We use our experience, to help you devise effective, cost - efficient security programs. 

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Call us at  - 301 531-0165/ 07052114172 / 08023363983 .  We are available 24/7

Call us at  - 301 531-0165 /  07052114172 / 08023363983 .  We are available 24/7   

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